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5 Reasons The Holidays Are A Great Time To Sell Your Rosarito Beach Home



In this video, Zinnia discusses 5 reasons why the holidays are a great time to sell your Rosarito Beach home.

  1. Slow activity during the winter
    There is a belief that during the winter, the market is really slow, but it is in this season that we have the most significant amount of transactions. Most of the listings tend to go down from the sites. Therefore, if you list your property during the holidays, you will have the best outcome.
  1. Less Inventory
    You will find less inventory to compete with; if you have your home listed at this time, people will be looking at your property much more than they would be at any time of the year because there’s less to compete.
  1. Quantity Vs. Quality
    During the winter, we do have a much better quality of buyers than at any time of the year. If they’re looking at properties during holiday vacations, it means that they’re serious. Unlike in the people who are vacationing, so the majority have the priorities straight, which means vacation first and then viewing properties.
  1. Beauty
    Have your clients experience the amazing warm feeling of Christmas by showing them properties at this time of the year. The combination of the smell of the Christmas tree, lights, and decorations will make the whole showing a fantastic experience.
  1. The Buyers Schedule
    They have more time to view properties, and their loved ones are with them. So all the decision-makers are there. Therefore, we get a better result when it comes to purchasing.

We hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful when thinking about listing your property during the holiday months.

Happy Holidays from!

Zinnia Quezada - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent


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