Building Your Home in Rosarito Beach



There are advantages to building your home in the Rosarito Beach Area. We want to go over a few of the obvious and not so obvious advantages so that you can see which options are right for you.

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Custom Home that Meets your Needs

Building new means starting with a blank canvas. It means you can get a home that’s just right for the way you and your family want to live, and then add your own style and character. There is no better feeling than living in a home that has been built to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Acquiring the perfect oceanfront and oceanview location for your new home is becoming more challenging as more and more of the coastal properties are getting snatched up.

Finding affordable homes on the coastline is becoming more of a challenge. One of the few ways to still get a good deal is to buy a lot and build your home yourself.

Lots are still affordable! and will allow you to find that perfect LOCATION without breaking your bank account.

If you are not looking to build right away you can buy an affordable oceanfront, or oceanview property, and wait until you’re ready to build. This way you do not have an empty house to maintain and manage but you do have the locations just waiting for you to build your custom home on.

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Cost of Construction

Finding the right contractor is key… You want to find someone that is reliable, trustworthy and has experience.  Doing your homework and asking for referrals is the key to finding the right builder. A good contractor will be able to save you a considerable amount of money compared to homes that are already built.

  • Lower cost of living. New homes are more energy and water efficient and come with new appliances that can save you money on household bills.
  • Better construction. Modern building codes require new standards for construction, ventilation, sound insulation, and fire safety.
  • New homes usually require very little maintenance and repairs.
  • If you are considering building we would highly recommend speaking with one of our experienced agents that can help guide you with the purchase of the lot as well as finding the right contractor.