Buying Furniture For Your New Rosarito Beach Home



If you are looking to buy household furnishings in Mexico, you will find many options.

There are large Mexican furniture store chains like, Coppel, Elektra, Famsa, and Dico, which are located in almost every Mexican city. You will also find small local furniture stores, custom furniture makers, and factories where you can buy many types of furniture.

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Besides the large Mexican chains, there are the international giant stores like Costco, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s Club that can be found in all of the large cities.

COSTCO – This is a member’s only store where you can find all sorts of products such as food, clothing and of course furnishings. Please note that you must have a membership card to enter this store, and if you already have a card from another country, Costco Mexico will honor your membership.

Fausto Polanco – With two stores in Baja California, Mexico – Ensenada, and Rosarito, the designers have an incredible selection and experience to design in a spectacular way any project, from the bedroom to a loft, or workplace. They will create such a unique place that you’ll have a story to tell about your experience.

Customize Your Furniture. Whether you are looking for a sofa to match your marble floor or a unique upholstery on your chairs, we can help you make it a reality!

Wal-Mart – As in the U.S. Wal-Mart, Mexico offers a large selection of products including furnishings, electronics, and household goods.

Sam’s Club – This is another member’s only store offering a large inventory of products, from food products to household furnishings.

Famsa – is a retail company engaged in the purchase and sale of household appliances, electronic products, furniture, clothing, and other consumer products in Mexico and the United States.

A very popular option in Mexico is to shop at used furniture stores where you can get good prices for quality furnishings.

Ashley Furniture – Ashley HomeStore is an American furniture store chain that sells Ashley Furniture products. Opened in 1997, the chain comprises over 800 locations worldwide.

Dico – Muebles Dico is one of Mexico’s furniture leading companies, it offers a very wide range of furniture for every type of space at a very affordable price.

Bonanza – One of the most prestigious furniture stores in Baja, it is specialized in high-quality pieces and the best service possible.