Emergency & Useful Phone Numbers In Mexico


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Emergency Call

If there is no impediment to verbal communication, then this option allows you to make a phone call to the 911 number, which, unlike a conventional call, has the advantage of the location by means of GPS, for this, it is necessary to keep the GPS active on the device.


In cases where there is a situation or impediment to communicating verbally whether temporary or permanent the option to use. Pressing this button will make contact with the C4 closest to your location and will open a chat session with the first available telephone operator. The advantage that this functionality has been sent photography and location by GPS.

Panic Button

If you are in a situation of risk in which your life is in danger and you can not use the previous options such as the call or chat, (for example in the case of deprivation of liberty, violent crime in progress or medical emergency in which it is not possible to communicate verbally) this is the option to use.

Minors Subdued, Disappeared and Amber Alert

In cases of abduction of minors or incapacitated persons in which after an investigation the Attorney General’s Office of the State (PGJE) determines that it is at risk, the person’s life issues an Amber Alert and distributes the profile of the person through the means of communication so that citizens can support their location with information.

Guides – What to do?

Through this option, you have access to information on various topics of interest, such as Medical Emergencies (first aid), Safety, Road Safety, Natural Disasters, Legal Advice, and Mechanical Problems.

Medical Profile

In the button that appears at the end of the right side that indicates “Medical Profile”, you can fill in medical information to receive personalized medical attention, if required. This information can be vital in cases of emergencies related to the loss of a person’s health, whether sudden or chronic.

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Important Update!

As of October 3rd, 2016 the number for emergencies changed from 066 to 911, you may call this number from any landline, cellphones (Locked and unlocked with or without service) and public phones. 

911 is Mexico’s New Emergency Assistance Service, it takes care of any situations and emergencies involving the Police, Fire Department, and Ambulance Services, it’s similar to the 911 service in the U.S. 

Below is a list of the most common emergency numbers, make sure you read the section on How to Dial Phones in Mexico.

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For Any Emergency

From a Mexican cellphone or landline
Dial 911

From a U.S. cellphone
Dial 911

Note: Dialing 911 from any U.S. Cell Phone while in Mexico will connect you to Mexico’s Emergency Assistance Service.

Rescatel Inbursa Telcel

Rescatel Inbursa Telcel

There’s another option that offers family protection 365 days in Mexico and abroad, Rescatel Inbursa, Telcel with services, assistance, and the best advice and medical reference network. You can Dial *100 from a Mexican Cellphone to ask for help with a minor cost.