Ensenada Listings From $250,000 - $500,000

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Prime Real Estate in Ensenada

A Haven of Opportunities

Located along the captivating coastline of Baja California, Ensenada is a gem that offers an unparalleled combination of breathtaking natural beauty and modern amenities. Known for its picturesque waterfront, vibrant culture, and proximity to the United States border, Ensenada entices property buyers with its unique charm. The city’s temperate climate, scenic views, and rich history make it an ideal location for anyone looking to invest in a slice of paradise. Whether you are seeking a vacation home or a permanent residence, Ensenada promises an appealing blend of relaxation and adventure, making it a top choice for discerning buyers.

Discover Stunning Properties in the $250,000 – $500,000 USD Range

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  1. Modern Condos: Sleek and contemporary, often with panoramic ocean views and high-end finishes.

  2. Spacious Townhouses: Ideal for families, offering ample space and modern amenities.

  3. Elegant Single-Family Homes: Featuring stunning architectural designs and luxurious features.

  4. Panoramic Ocean Views: Enjoy breathtaking seaside scenery from your new home.

  5. Contemporary Architectural Designs: Stylish and modern touches that make a statement.

  6. High-End Finishes: Quality materials and craftsmanship throughout each property.

  7. Community Amenities: Access to pools, fitness centers, and landscaped gardens.

  8. Security Features: Enhanced safety with gated communities and additional security measures.

Discover the Lifestyle Benefits of Living in Ensenada

Embrace a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle in Ensenada, where community engagement and rich cultural heritage await. Here are the highlights that make living in Ensenada special:

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Renowned Seafood Restaurants

Enjoy some of the best seafood dining experiences.

Lively Markets

Explore bustling markets filled with local goods and fresh produce.

Bustling Marina

Engage in activities like sailing, fishing, and whale watching.

Valle de Guadalupe

Savor exquisite wine tasting in Mexico’s premier wine region.

Why Invest in Ensenada Real Estate

Ensenada’s real estate market is on the rise, presenting a prime opportunity for investors. Here are key factors that make it an attractive proposition:

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The real estate market in Ensenada is consistently increasing in value.

Properties priced between $250,000 and $500,000 offer significant potential for appreciation.

Ensenada’s position on the Baja Peninsula is favorable for future growth.

Analysts expect continued positive trends in the market.

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About Rosarito Beach

The City of Rosarito Beach is a coastal resort-style city in Baja California. It is located approximately 20 minutes south of the International/U.S. Border. 

Rosarito has long been a popular place for California off-roaders, surfers going down for a few days and people just wanting to get away for a while and spend some time at the beach in Mexico.