Mail Services In Rosarito Beach Area

Depending on where you are in Rosarito there will be different challenges in sending and receiving mail and packages. There are private mail service companies available in most cities that will help foreigners. The best thing to do is to ask someone in the city that you will be staying in to give you a recommendation.


Baja Mail Services

Baja Mail Services

Open 6 days a week, a physical address for your mail & packages, online fax and also you can pay for your services with Paypal – Visa. Mastercard, Discover!! We will pick up your mail in the US at your mailbox is located in close proximity to the border or ours and bring it down to you.

US Phone: 503 766 3149  – MX Phone: +52 (661) 100-6495


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Mail Express & Xtras

This mailroom offers many services, including daily mail delivery from San Diego, telephone messaging service, copy/fax is available, USPS priority and express mail, as well as an immigration paper service. 

Phone: +52 (661) 612-2423

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Rene's Mail Room

Rene's Mail Room

Renee’s mail room is on the free road just outside of downtown Rosarito going south and is the oldest mail room in Rosarito, having been established in 1979. It’s located now in the back end of the new casino that’s under construction in the building that was the former Rene’s bar. They are open from 7:30 am – 7 pm offering boxes for rent.

Other Mail Services In Rosarito

Centro Internacional de Envios

Is located in Oceana Plaza #10 at 907 Blvd Benito Juarez, right across the doorway to Oceana Grill and Cafe. Here you will find USA mailboxes with 24-hour access. They have messenger service, both national and international. They also offer translation services, Apostiles, FM3-2 Assistance, and can handle utility payments for those who own property here but spend a lot of time away.

Telephone in Rosarito +52 (661) 612-0155
Telephone in U.S.A. (619) 272-8246

Mexpost Paqueteria Y Mensajeria Express

Mexico Post office (Correos de Mexico)

This is the regular mail company in Rosarito. This service is slow; a letter can take up to 2 weeks to travel from the US to southern Mexico. For more information go their


Mexico Post Office

Mexpost Paqueteria Y Mensajeria Express

This is the Mexican postal system’s version of express mail service and it belongs to “Correos de Mexico”. This service is provided in most post offices in Rosarito. They offer a delivery time of 3 working days in foreign orders, and next day service within Rosarito.

US Postal Express Mail: It is delivered here by MexPost. Service is excellent. They deliver.

Mexpost Paqueteria Y


FedEx Freight covers every major Mexican market.




Delivery of documents to anywhere in the United States and Canada within 3 to 5 days. They offer a delivery time of 3 working days for foreign orders and next day service within Mexico. Only documents are allowed if you are sending it to a Post Office Box. If you need further information check their




This Company provides express mail and packaging services in Rosarito and around the world