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Explore San Antonio Del Mar

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San Antonio Del Mar is one of the oldest and best known single family home communities in the Rosarito area. Actually, it is on the far southwest side of the city limits of Tijuana but most of the residents gravitate toward Rosarito for shopping and entertainment rather than the bigger city. Only 13 miles south of the U.S. border, it lies along 3 kilometers (or 1.8 miles) of the Pacific ocean and contains 900 homes. It has two entrances, a north and a south entrance, about a mile apart along the free road. It boasts 3 swimming pools, 5 public bathrooms and a very large park located at the south entrance which is favored for outdoor activities. The park contains a terrific kid’s playground and there are miles of beautiful walkable beaches within its boundaries.

You can find a property here which fits most budgets because the home prices range from as little as $80,000 to as much as $2,000,000. There are even vacant lots on which a buyer could build the home of their dreams and have a spectacular ocean view. San Antonio Del Mar is by far the largest community on the north side of Rosarito and nestles among smaller, less populated subdivisions situated on each side of the free road.

The community has a great variety of different kinds of architecture which have been built up over time in a permissive building environment. But recent changes have upgraded the standards and now any new construction or home modification must be done under a permit from both the homeowners association and the City of Tijuana.

There is never any speeding within the community because the streets are all cobblestone and contain numerous speed bumps. Parking is allowed along the streets but many homes do have garages which are fairly unusual in this beach area. Salt air can affect cars and property over time so a garage is a desirable asset for any property.

Utility costs are very reasonable compared to U.S. prices. The Homeowners Association is very active and vigilantly protects property values. They have hired a full time 24/7 security force that patrols for unwanted activities in this community. Safety and security are two high priority concerns that San Antonio Del Mar has dealt with very successfully. The streets are well lighted at night and the guards manning each of the guard quarters knows who is on the grounds at all times. The Homeowner Association dues are very minimal, only $60 per month, considering all the services provided.

The residents are a delightful mixture of Mexicans, Americans and several other nationalities having a smaller presence. This makes for a wonderfully varied cultural experience which is unavailable in subdivisions dominated solely by expatriate Americans. A sense of comfort and relaxed oceanfront living pervades San Antonio Del Mar and provides the prospective homeowner the immediate feeling of coming home. All in all a community worth visiting.

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The beach is sandy year round and it’s partially lit at night. There is access to the beach in 3 places, one of the access is next to the lap pool through a small gate that is locked at night. It has a shower rinse by the stairs and another one just as you come in through the gate. Oceanfront homes are on a cliff.


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