Guadalupe Valley Real Estate

Valle De Guadalupe the Heart of Baja California Wine Country

Welcome to Valle de Guadalupe, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Baja California. Renowned for its picturesque vineyards and world-class wineries, Valle de Guadalupe offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern luxury. With its stunning landscapes, top-notch culinary experiences, and a welcoming community, this region is the perfect place to call home. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, a retiree seeking tranquility, or a young professional looking for a vibrant lifestyle, Valle de Guadalupe has something for everyone.

Explore Valle De Guadalupe Properties: Price Range and Types

Valle de Guadalupe, woffer a variety of properties to suit every lifestyle and budget. Our real estate options range from cozy cottages starting at $150,000 to luxurious estates priced over $1 million. Here’s a closer look at what we have to offer:

Calafia pool
  • Cozy Cottages: Perfect for those seeking a charming and intimate living space, our cottages provide comfort and style.
  • Modern Villas: These properties combine contemporary design with luxurious amenities, ideal for modern living.
  • Spacious Ranch-Style Homes: Experience the charm of country living with our expansive ranch-style homes, offering plenty of space for families.
  • Elegant Estates: For those looking for the ultimate in luxury, our estates feature stunning vineyard views, private pools, gourmet kitchens, and expansive outdoor spaces.

Top 20 Reasons to Choose Valle de Guadalupe

World-Renowned Wine Country

Enjoy living among some of the finest vineyards and wineries in the world.

Stunning Natural Landscapes

Immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery and scenic views.

Proximity to Rosarito Beach

Just a short drive away from beautiful beaches and coastal activities.

Affordable Cost of Living

Enjoy a lower cost of living compared to the US without sacrificing quality.

Welcoming Expatriate Community

Become part of a diverse and friendly community of expatriates.

Top-Notch Culinary Experiences

Savor exquisite dining options with locally sourced ingredients.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Experience a vibrant arts scene and cultural festivals.

Year-Round Pleasant Climate

Enjoy mild weather and sunshine throughout the year.

Outdoor Activities

Explore numerous hiking trails, cycling routes, and outdoor adventures.

Local Markets and Artisan Shops

Discover unique local products and crafts.

Safe and Friendly Environment

Live in a community known for its safety and hospitality.

Vineyard Ownership Opportunities

Invest in your own vineyard and become part of the wine industry.

High-Quality Education

Access excellent schools and educational facilities for families.

Advanced Healthcare Facilities

Benefit from nearby modern healthcare services.

Promising Investment Potential

Take advantage of a growing real estate market.

Cultural Events

Participate in regular festivals, art shows, and community events.

Sustainable Living

Explore eco-friendly and sustainable living options.

Pet-Friendly Communities

Find plenty of parks and open spaces for your pets.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Experience a relaxed pace of life surrounded by scenic beauty.

Balanced Lifestyle

Enjoy the perfect mix of urban amenities and rural tranquility.

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About Rosarito Beach

The City of Rosarito Beach is a coastal resort-style city in Baja California. It is located approximately 20 minutes south of the International/U.S. Border. 

Rosarito has long been a popular place for California off-roaders, surfers going down for a few days and people just wanting to get away for a while and spend some time at the beach in Mexico.

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