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Amazing Zinnia Quezada Review From La Jolla del Mar’s Clients

Mar 21, 2020 | Zinnia Quezada Testimonials | 0 comments


“Long 8 or 9 months after our rental she went to bat for us in a dispute between the Property Developer and the old condo owner when the developer was trying to squeeze the old owner. (The condo was being sold to a new owner and the developer was trying to squeeze the current owner before the sale was finalized).

She had zero incentive to help us and most likely ran the risk of upsetting the developer of one of the largest condo developments in northern Baja. But she went out of her way to do what is right. Afterward, we rented the unit I often saw her running around the development with new clients. She is a super hard worker and brings a balanced (I’ll show you everything and let you decide) approach to selling Real Estate.

Even the one piece of advice that she gave us that we thought was 100% BS turned out to spot on. She said “The best views are from the 3rd-7th-floor units because they have the best mixture of beach, water and sky” I was beyond skeptical and assumed that it was a way to convince people that the lower floors were somehow better than the upper levels “.

Zinnia Quezada - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

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