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CFDI Facturas Required To Evidence Residency For Tax Purposes

Oct 15, 2019 | Baja Legal Advice | 0 comments

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Beware, most notarios differ in their perspective of things and conditions required by law, more so when it comes to address the fact that they be held responsible for unpaid taxes, thus the younger notarios are bound to ask more conditions than usually required by law, so be prepared, they can demand additional conditions at the worst possible time, screw up a real estate deal and not feel any remorse for leaving things for last.

Be aware that some notarios have begun to refuse CFE receipts as proof of residence/expense and are having you go back to CFE to obtain a factura with a CFDI, now CFE is refusing to grant facturas alleging that the receipt obtained by the consumer is an invoice, notarios insist that no, they must issue a specific factura instead.

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