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Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Rosarito Beach

May 10, 2019 | Baja Listing Updates, NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR THE ROSARITO BEACH AREA | 1 comment


Why you would contact a Real Estate Agent, when you’re purchasing something here in Rosarito, Mexico?

Basically broke it down into three things, that Kenneth Huseman does for people to help them look home in Rosarito Beach.

Negotiate and facilitate, so someone coming down here to Rosarito from California which is the majority of Kenneth’s clients, now they don’t really know what it’s like to go through the process of purchasing Real Estate in a foreign country, specifically here in Rosarito, most of the time, the right agent will help you from the very beginning, if you have any question about a property, a Professional Real Estate Agent will be able to answer as clear as possible to you.

When you actually find the property that you like, you’re going to need to make an offer on it and you know, coming from another country, you’re going to have no idea of how to price a property, you can look on the internet but it’s not real information and here in Mexico, we don’t have an MLS, so there’s no real information for you to really reference to.

Once you make an offer and that offer is accepted, where do you go from there? You know, in America you have, title companies and people that help you out and they speak your language. Well here in Mexico, you’re going to need help if you don’t speak Spanish, you’re going to need someone to help you facilitate all the things that have to come together in order to do a title transfer. A Professional Real Estate Agent that has been through the process, many times, through all different situations and they’re going to be able to help you to facilitate the closing and that’s what we all want to do, get to a successful closing and be able to celebrate your new property Mexico!

Kenneth Huseman - Rosarito Real Estate Agent

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  1. Kenneth Huseman

    I’m here to listen and understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Please lean on my expertise to help you make informed decisions.

    Thank you


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