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Choosing the Right Area to Live in Mexico – Rosarito Beach Real Estate



Today we want to talk to you about choosing the right area when moving to Mexico. We have six points that we want to go over with you on why we think Rosario Beach is one of the best choices.

1. Distance to the nearest U.S. Border
It’s important that we take into consideration especially if it’s the first time moving out of the country, the distance to the U.S. Border for those of us that live in Rosario Beach. It’s so nice being able to cross back over to San Diego whenever we need to, if you’re gonna move to places like Cabo, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, that means you have to catch a plane to get back to the U.S. We get the best of both worlds by living so close to the border, we’re a short half hour drive away and we can access anything that we need in the U.S.

2. Oceanfront properties that you can afford!
Most people that are looking living in Mexico are looking for value and that’s what Rosarito Beach has to offer if you’re gonna go look in places like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Cancun you’re gonna be looking at places that are similar to the Rosarito Beach Area are gonna be in the millions. we’re in rows rated Beach we can get properties oceanfront and Ocean View starting in the low two hundred thousand.

3. Have you considered medical care?
This is something that’s really important that you need to think about, so a lot of the people that are purchasing from us, right now are the baby boomers and coming up with retirement and medical care is important to them. By moving to Rosarito Beach for a short drive away from San Diego which we’d be able then to access your U.S. medical care on a regular basis so if anybody needs regular treatments or regular check-ups or be able to access their U.S. doctors.

4. What about the weather? (hurricane zones)
I recommend if the weather is a concern to you that you take a look at Rosario Beach because we have some of the best weather in the world.

5. Can your family afford to visit you?
If you’re gonna live in Rosarito Beach, Ensenada or Tijuana, we’re just a short drive away from San Diego which means your family can access you by car and they don’t need to take a plane to come to your place in Rosarito Beach.

6. What about u.s. mail and packages?
Something we take for granted is that we always get our mail delivered to us, but what happens when you move out of the country how are you gonna get your U.S. mail delivered to you if you’re in those far away places? They can only get mail delivered maybe once-twice a month through mail services that are pretty costly by moving to Rosarito Beach, we have multiple choices for mail services that bring the packages of mail across on a daily basis.

If you’re planning on buying or selling in the Rosarito Beach Area,
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