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From Hopeless to Sold: How Oscar and Gerardo Turned Our Luck Around – Rosarito Beach, Sellers Testimonial

Mar 16, 2023 | Gerardo Oceguera's Testimonials, Oscar Mendez Testimonials | 0 comments

Happy clients share their experience selling their property!

“My husband and I owned a home in San Antonio Del Mar, Baja California. After 15 years of ownership, we were ready to sell our home. After working with three different realtors, we decided to try Baja123. Our home had been on the market for several years without any hope of a sale.

The decision to work with Oscar Mendez and Gerardo Oceguera, recommended by a property manager, was the best decision we made. Within a few weeks, we had several offers on our home. This company and their team are very professional and knowledgeable about selling homes. They were diligent about following the necessary steps during the process of the sale.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone selling a home in the Baja area.”

– Nancy & Johnnie


Oscar Mendez - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent


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