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Congratulations on this AMAZING testimonial! The clients were thrilled with finally finding their dream home in Calafia, Rosarito Beach.

My wife and I contacted Oscar Mendez at while looking online for condominiums in the Rosarito/Popotla area. Oscar was very accommodating in welcoming us. He set several appointments for us to visit multiple condominiums all the while explaining every detail about each individual unit. Impressively, he was very well prepared, professional, and mild-mannered. He is on top of his game.  He was always on time. Although I have a lot of experience visiting and working in Mexico and being bi-lingual, coming from the US (as most other Americans from the other side) I tend to be skeptical with business dealings in Mexico.

I must have driven him crazy with all the questions, but I left no stone unturned.  Oscar told us the truth about everything, even if we didn’t want to hear it. He walked us through every step throughout the entire process. He was completely upfront and honest and everything he told us turned out to be true. HOA rules, costs, property taxes, approximate costs of utilities, what the association covered and what the owners were responsible for when repairs were required, etc… On October 5, 2021, we were lucky enough to close the deal on a condominium in one of the Calafia towers.

Calafia has many amenities which we took full advantage of while we stayed.  Breathtaking views to be sure along the entire coastline, evening sunsets are spectacular and multi-colored. Pools, Jacuzzis, gym, and my wife especially enjoyed the steam room. We spent two weeks there while we were down in Mexico. We will move there permanently once our son has finished college and begins his own journey. The truth be told our dream has come true, not everyone is lucky enough to say that.

My wife and I are still looking at each other wondering when we will awaken from this dream. I wouldn’t have taken the time to write this testimonial if Oscar didn’t deserve it.

I would highly recommend Oscar to be your agent to show you around, you’ll be in good hands. He’s a good person, it was obvious early on.

If you are feeling skeptical, feel free to ask Oscar for my email address if you have any questions I may be able to help you with.

– Greg and Maria Atherton

Oscar Mendez - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

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