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Oscar Mendez Clients Testimonial – Castillos del Mar, Rosarito Beach

Apr 5, 2020 | Oscar Mendez Testimonials | 0 comments

Another Happy Client Talking About her Experience on Buying a Property in Castillos del Mar with our Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent Oscar Mendez

One the day last year 2018 during the summer on July I was in walking in Rosarito and I noticed a Real State office  Baja123,  I walked in there asking information about homes for sale, a girl took my name and phone # and when I came back to LA all I was doing was looking at homes on Baja123, website.

One day I requested information about a home and I remember that phone call from you telling me, my name is Oscar Mendez  I represent Baja123, that day was the beginning of a journey that took a year and 5 offers to finally get the house of my dreams.  I know it was not easy but I could not do it without you, as I told you, you were my eyes in Rosarito when I was not there. You took the time to go check places for me, took photos, and send them to me to view while in my home here in LA.

During all this time even when I told you more than once, I am not going to invest money in Mexico! You did not give up and you kept calling me but for some reason, I never felt pressure to buy. You were there with me all this time on the ups and downs.  Oscar, I think it was your dedication to Baja123 and your patience with me that finally got me to buy a house.  Oscar, I thank you so much for your help and patience, during my search for a house in Rosarito. If I had to do it all over again I would choose you as my agent again, I will highly recommend you and Baja123 to my friends and family. Let me tell you everyone who knows me know how to navigate Baja123’s website and love the listings especially my house now. Thanks to you I will always be grateful. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication.

– Lupe Duran

Oscar Mendez - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

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