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Plaza del Mar Closing – Faby Testimonial

Jul 4, 2020 | Faby Delgado Testimonials | 0 comments

 New Homeowners in Rosarito Beach!

“We have been looking for a home in the Rosarito area for a few months on our own to see what the market had available. It’s was very difficult for us not knowing the area well or understanding what was available for purchase in the market in our price range in Mexico.

That is until we decided to look for help. We went online and looked up for resources and came across Baja123. We decided to give them a call and request help. The same evening I received a call back from Faby “Agent” and spent a good 1 hour talking with her at what we were looking for to purchase a home in Rosarito Mexico. Faby answered all our questions and started to search for a house in our price range immediately. That same evening she emailed to us several options. In a few weeks, we were able to finally drive to Rosarito to meet up with the Baja123 team and start our search the correct way. We were able to look at several houses in 1 day’s time.

We fell in love with one option and submitted an offer the following day. Faby and her team were very responsive and answered all/any questions we had. They explained to us the process on how to purchase a home in Mexico as a USA resident very well. We proceeded with the offer once it was accepted the following day. During the 90 day process, Faby & her team helped us with all questions we had and provided all the answers. She and her team made this process seamless and professional. We finally received the call that it was time to come over and sign documents. Today during the Covid-19 Era we are now homeowners in Rosarito. Faby and her entire team have made our dream come true and would highly recommend her to anybody looking for a home in Baja Mexico.”


You guys are the best!!!

– Octavio

Faby Delgado - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

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