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Professional Real Estate Advice with Kanoa and Rafael for Rosarito Beach

Apr 13, 2020 | Baja Legal Advice, NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR THE ROSARITO BEACH AREA | 0 comments


Kanoa interviews Rafael Solorzano, a Baja Real Estate Attorney, regarding the importance of having a professional handle the closing process in a Real Estate purchase transaction.

Rafael among other topics also stresses the importance of doing due diligence and how he’s able to complement the work of a real estate professional.

Here’s a list of questions Kanoa asked Rafael:

1:18 – Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you do
6:57 – Tell us about your Facebook group Baja Living Advice
9:53 – How can people avoid problems with their transactions?
15:03 – How can you complement a real estate agent?
18:32 – What is the importance of disclosures, and due-diligence?
23:46 – What would be your advice to buyers today?
31:59 – Who would be your ideal client?
34:15 – What is the expectation of clients regarding discounts in Mexico?
39:40– Can people enjoy their experience buying a property in Mexico?
41:42 – How can you contact Rafael Solorzano?

Rafael Solorzano - Baja Legal Advice

Rafael Solorzano
+52 (664) 188-7001

Baja Legal Advice Facebook Group Rosarito Beach Real Estate


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