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Ready to Enjoy Beach Life in Rosarito! La Jolla Del Mar Testimonial for Faby

Oct 21, 2021 | Baja Listing Updates, Faby Delgado Testimonials, La Jolla Del Mar | 0 comments

Another satisfied client is ready to start his new life in Rosarito Beach; thanks to Faby, congratulations to both for this amazing testimonial!

I want to thank Baja123 and our real estate agent: Faby Delgado. She understood and represented us from the begginning to the end.

Thank you for your kindness and your patience all the time, everythin they promised, we have it here, in our beautiful apartment and we are really grateful, really happy; so, of course I recommend them, Baja123 if someday you want to get your dream home, Thank you

-Carlos Chung

Faby Delgado - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent





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