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Rosarito Beach, #1 Community of Unity with Kanoa and Amiee

Nov 17, 2020 | Baja Listing Updates, NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR THE ROSARITO BEACH AREA | 0 comments

Rosarito Beach, #1 Community Of Unity With Kanoa & Amiee

Kanoa and Amiee of Rosarito Living sit at the famous K38 surf location in Rosarito Beach and discuss how the pandemic has affected us as individuals and the local businesses, and how we can come together and support each other.

They talk about keeping the fabric of the community tightly woven and the importance of that for local business.

Featured in this video are a few of the amazing people and services we have in Rosarito and some of the things they have to offer us as residents and visitors alike. A few of the places highlighted are Baja California Spay & Neuter, Playas de Rosarito Animal Control, Blues Against Hunger, Social Distancing Yoga with Phillip Aldana held at Las Rocas Resort and Spa, Friends of the Libraryand Casa Huerta, across from Santini Plaza.

The goal of this new video series is to lift each other up and promote a “Community of Unity” going forward, together. Rosarito Beach Real Estate

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