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Rosarito Beach’s New Real Estate Market with Darrell Graham

Apr 9, 2020 | Darrell Graham's Informational, NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR THE ROSARITO BEACH AREA | 2 comments


Kanoa and Luis interview Darrell Graham regarding the Rosarito Real Estate market conditions and how the business is moving forward despite the current situation with COVID-19.

Darrell shared with us that there are clients in the middle of their transactions wanting to complete them, and how virtual closings could become the standard moving forward.

Here’s a list of questions we asked Darrell:

1:14 Share with us what’s going on currently in the Rosarito Real Estate Market?
3:19 What kind of clients are you expecting to come to Rosarito Beach?
4:34 Do you think we’re going to see an increase in activity from retirees?
5:32 If somebody wants to talk to you, how do you do it?
7:16 How are you handling your open transactions and closings?
8:26 Would you recommend for clients to give Power of Attorneys to agents
10:02 How’s your tequila reserve, right now?
13:34 How long have you been living in Rosarito Beach?

Darrell Graham-Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent


  1. Mark Starek

    Fancy, we are still looking for a steal on 2-3 bedroom condo on Rosarita beach area.

    Mark Starek
    303 265 1411

    • Team

      Hello Mark,
      Thank you for reaching
      I will have an agent contact you for more information.
      Best regards!


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