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Signing Legal Documents In A Foreign Language

Jan 28, 2020 | Baja Legal Advice | 0 comments

Every week I review documents sent to me by clients which where drafted and signed by parties in a real estate deal, most of such documents are not compliant with Mexican Law, call them to purchase agreements, promissory letters, etc. why? I already stated that they are not compliant with our laws, also, many times these documents are drafted in a foreign language.

While the US system is based on case law and statutory law from England and the early American colonies, Mexico’s system is derived mainly from Roman law.

You are in a foreign country, with a foreign language and you already know that Mexico’s legal system is unlike that of the United States and Canada, isn’t this enough of a reason for you to think things through and seek legal advice before you put yourself in trouble by signing legal documents in Mexico? What could ever go wrong you ask? Plenty!

The fact that you had a foreign Real Estate Agent approve/draft those documents does not make them legal.

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Rafael Solorzano
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