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Using Real Estate Experience To Help Others! – Kanoa, Rosarito Beach Testimonial

Dec 22, 2021 | Kanoa Testimonials | 0 comments

Congratulations Kanoa for this incredible testimonial! He never hesitates to help others in need using his knowledge.

This is what they had to say:

“I reached out to BAJA123 in the middle of the night with doubts about a transaction I was about to enter into down in Puerto Vallarta, and I was quite surprised when I received a response the very first thing of the morning with answers to all my questions.

I was not even their client, and I was about to purchase in a completely different part of the country, so they would not be making one single dime for helping us understand everything and the repercussions of what we were going to be doing. They took time out of their day (Thanksgiving Day) and helped us make some important decisions. If I Ever get to Rosarito, I will definitely stop in and thank them personally. I have no words for the kindness they have shown and looked out for us like we were family.”

Thank you, BAJA123!

– Cathy & Mike Steen Rosarito Beach Real Estate


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