Border Crossing Rules For Mexico & The U.S.

Baja Border Crossing

Essential Traveler Information

Your journey to Mexico starts with understanding the essentials. From customs procedures to currency regulations, our quick guide ensures you’re prepared every step of the way.

Restrictions Overview:

  • Food: Plant, seed, and fish restrictions.
  • Personal Items: Limit of 3 per type.
  • Medication: Prescription verification for psychotropics.
  • Currency: Declaration for amounts over $10,000 USD.

Customs Process:

  • Use green lanes for nothing to declare.
  • Red lanes trigger item checks.
  • Declare sums over $10,000 USD.

Extended Stays:

  • Over 72 hours or 20 miles requires FM-T Form.
  • Consult Mexican Consulate for permits.

Traveler’s Tip:

  • Always declare large sums to avoid legal issues.
  • Understand currency laws for a smooth experience.

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