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What Is A Factura In Rosarito Beach

A ‘Factura’ is not just a receipt; it’s the cornerstone of your financial activities in Mexico. Learn how it functions within the local business landscape, ensuring compliance and facilitating your transition to life in Rosarito.

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The Importance of a Factura

Facturas play a vital role in Mexico by providing a legal proof of purchase necessary for tax deductions and business expense verification.


A Factura is an official document for purchases and services that serves as tax-deductible proof.

Legal Requirement

Necessary for validating business expenses and mandatory for all business owners in Mexico.

Obtaining a Factura

To acquire a Factura, request one from the vendor at the time of purchase and provide your tax identification.

RFC (Tax ID)

Register for an RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes) to be eligible for Facturas.

Factura vs. Receipt

Unlike a regular receipt, a Factura includes detailed tax information required for accounting.


Use Facturas to claim tax deductions on business-related expenses, a common practice in Mexico.

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