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Foreigners Buying Property In Baja

Learn the facts about Bank Trusts (Fideicomisos) and how they offer a reliable and legal framework for owning property within the restricted zone. Get informed about the costs, the process, and the benefits, straight from a seasoned real estate expert.

Essential Guide to Bank Trusts

Secure Your Baja Dream: The Bank Trust Explained

Embark on your property journey in Baja as a foreign investor with our expert guide to Mexican Bank Trusts. Equip yourself with the essential knowledge to navigate the legal landscape with assurance and acquire your dream property with confidence.

Bank Trust Basics

Discover the role of a trustee in safeguarding your property rights.

Bank Trust Insights

Gain clarity on the relationship with Mexican banks for property trust.

Trust Advantages

Unveil the benefits and protections a bank trust offers to foreign buyers.

Setting Up a Trust

Step-by-step guidance on establishing your bank trust for property ownership.

Trust Costs

Anticipate the financial aspects of setting up and maintaining your bank trust.

Understanding Additional Costs

Prepare for ancillary expenses associated with bank trust management.

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