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Rosarito Beach Electric Company

Ensure your new home in Rosarito is powered by reliable and efficient electric services. With easy billing, payment solutions, and customer support, we illuminate every corner of your life.

Baja Lifestyle

Understanding Your Electric Service in Rosarito

Adapt to life in Rosarito with straightforward electric services designed for convenience and transparency. Our services are tailored for both residents and expatriates.

Streamlined Billing

Receive clear, concise bills every two months, with easy tracking of your electricity usage.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay your bill online, at local offices, banks, or convenience stores—choose what suits you best.

Customer Care Access

Reach out to CFE directly with our provided contact numbers for any inquiries or support.

Account Management

Easy steps to change the name on your electric bill when you move or purchase a property.

Convenient Locations

Visit our local CFE offices in Rosarito, Tijuana, and Ensenada for personalized service.

Service for Expatriates

Tailored assistance for Americans moving to Mexico to ensure seamless service transition.

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