Baja Real Estate

Understanding The Closing Process & Its Costs

Explore Baja real estate expertise with Omar Lima of Baja Title. From escrow to legal consulting, ensure your property transaction is secure and smooth. Get insights on navigating Mexico’s property laws for a hassle-free investment.

Closing Essentials

Your Guide to Costs in Baja Real Estate

Embarking on a property journey in Mexico comes with specific financial considerations. This guide illuminates the essential costs associated with the closing process, providing you with a transparent overview to navigate your Baja real estate investment with confidence.

Trustee Setup

Simplify property purchase in Mexico with a one-time setup fee for your trust.

Foreign Affairs Permit

Obtain your mandatory government permit for foreign property investment.

Notary Costs

Budget for notarial services, crucial for validating your real estate transactions.

Acquisition Tax

Prepare for the acquisition tax, typically a percentage of your property’s value.

Public Registry Fee

Register your property efficiently with the required public registry fee.

Insurance Title

Protect your investment with title insurance against potential legal issues.

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